Amundi clears away ill-conceived ideas…

When one talks about equity investment, it may seem rather complex and nebulous for others!
Indeed, a great number of misconceptions and bias exists on the subject. In these 5 videos, Amundi is approaching the subject with simplicity, and a little humour.
5 frequently met wrong ideas on Equity investment are being tackled.
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Amundi 1



For many of us, investing in stocks is risky. How then could we understand the risks?
Are there any advantages for a simple saver?
Check it out right away in this first video.





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Mythbusting: Misconceptions about Equities


Every Wednesday, Henry spends the afternoon with his grandson.
But Simon is a little terror!
He pushes the swing to its limits, kicks his football all round the garden, chases the neighbor’s cat…
In short, he likes playing risky games.
Henry can’t take it anymore! It’s stressing him out!

The next morning, Henry goes to see his banker.
The banker wants to talk to him about diversifying his savings by investing in equities.
For Henry, this is out of the question. Investing in equities is too risky and in any case, won’t give him very good returns!

But his banker makes some convincing arguments. He shows Henry that in the long-term, European equities, can be worth it!
Henry however, remains on the defensive.

That is until, his banker explains that Henry can decide for himself the level of risk he’s willing to take.
He holds all the cards!

For once, it seems that Henry is going to allow himself to take a risk!



Amundi 2



“Equities” are often understood as “speculation”. However, they are far from being synonymous.
In this 2nd video you will get an idea of ​​the nature of your commitment as a shareholder.





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“Equities aren’t real and investing in them is just a gamble”

At the shopping centre, Sabrina is very excited.
She’s managed to get her hands on the new Futchi collection.
Her friend Victoria can’t believe her eyes!
“Have you got shares in Futchi, or what??! ”
“No way!” protests Sabrina, “equities aren’t real and I don’t want to gamble on them!”

Sabrina prefers to buy clothes – at least she can be sure those are real.
But what she may not know, is that behind her favorite brand,
is a group of shareholders who participate in the growth of the company.
They invest some of their savings in the shares of various companies, including Futchi .

In this way, they contribute to the company’s development, and in the long term, benefit from it.
Sabrina had never thought that these 2 worlds could meet.
But by investing in equities, she too can become a shareholder in her favorite brands.

One thing is sure, Sabrina will see the next Futchi collection in a new light



Amundi 3



As an individual, you certainly consider you need an in-depth knowledge of the stock market, before you start trading!
But could there be another, simpler and safer way of doing things?
You’ll find an explanation in this 3rd video





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Gary is very confused!
He’s just had a chat with his colleague Paul, who couldn’t stop talking about his equity investments!
He decides to take a well-earned break.
But the coffee machine is acting-up!
Gary tries to repair it, but only makes it worse!
Between equities and the coffee machine, today is definitely not his day!

At last the repairman arrives and 2 minutes later Gary has his coffee.
Gary realizes that it’s much easier to get help from a specialist.
He thinks to himself that for investing in equities; it must be the same.
There must be experts who know all about it… and can answer his questions… and help guide him.

Gary is right. There are experts in the field that know all about the companies they invest in on behalf of their clients.

They are constantly investigating new opportunities and selecting where and when to invest, as well as when to withdraw.

So Gary – feel reassured now?



Amundi 4



This could well be THE issue of the day.
Namely, WHO can become a shareholder?
The answer awaits in this 4th video.





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In the playground, Gavin is bragging to Jake that HIS dad, owns equities in loooaaads of companies!
Back at home, Jake immediately asks his dad why he doesn’t buy loooaaads of equities, too?
“But son, investing in equities is just for the rich ” he replies.

Many years later, Jake wants to put aside some money.
His banker suggests investing in equities.
Jake immediately declines, he’s not rich enough!
Only this time, his banker explains that he CAN invest in equities by saving only a small amount each month.
No need to have a fortune! Jake can’t believe it!
He can’t wait to tell Dad!

Investing part of your savings in equities can be done with just a few euros!

Anyone can make the most of these opportunities. The proof? Jake did!



Amundi 5



Finally, you could be the one saying: “OK, I’ll invest in equities. And then, what happens? ”
If you only get a black hole as an answer, this 5th video should shed light on the mystery.




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Just like every day, Emily is in full swing – managing all her activities.
She’s a very active business woman with no time to lose!
This morning, she’s finalized a strategic proposal and prepared an appointment with an important client.

When Leo asks her if she wants to grab a quick lunch, she asks him to give her 5 minutes, she needs to quickly review her savings and equity holdings.
Leo wonders: How can she review her equity holdings in only a few minutes ?
Emily explains that she relies on experts who are working to help her save time.
They keep her regularly informed on her investment:
for example, what companies, industries or geographical areas have been chosen, and why.
They explain their decisions in a report that also summarizes the activity and performance of her savings.
And for Emily, for who every minute counts, a short video with key information is also available.
So, whenever she has a free moment, she can visit the website and track the progress of her savings!

It turns out, Equities have found their place in Emily’s busy schedule!