Do you know the oldest contemporary music ensemble still active?

Ars NovaARS NOVA! Who has succeeded in renewing himself year after year and is not satisfied with collaborations with the great names of music and live performance, but multiplies initiatives for all audiences and radiates in the most unexpected areas.
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Do you like unusual artistic experiences? Do you know who, today, does not stop multiplying them?
In residence in New-Aquitaine and based in Poitiers, an instrumental ensemble radiates in the most unexpected areas.


ARS NOVA! Aesthetic pluralism is its credo, the transmission its mission:
Creation is everywhere and it is for all.


After more than 20 years under the baton of Marius Constant, and 30 with Philippe Nahon, it is the oldest set dedicated to artistic creation still in operation!
Is it surprising then that so many great figures have collaborated in his projects?


ARS NOVA federates a core of loyal and committed musicians as well as numerous artistic personalities. The whole is a working tool like no other where everyone appreciates its warm atmosphere.


Because learning to listen begins at an early age, ARS NOVA intervenes with all audiences and presents itself today as a reference in terms of transmission.


ARS NOVA multiplies participatory actions where it is least expected to find a contemporary music ensemble and even offers an academy for young composers and performers.


The set likes to reinvent itself and never ceases to amaze. Even today, it shows itself under a new profile …


You can also visit the website of ARS NOVA for more information.