ART TROPE a community for the prosperity of artists…

Logo ART TROPEIf you are an artist and you do not know how to make yourself known in art markets, ART TROPE offers you a concept of community to accompany you internationally with the creation of durable and inexpensive solutions.
Thus, cities like London, Paris, New York open to you, while allowing you to stay focused on your creations with serenity!
This video, below, made in White board animation, explains how .. You can also visit the website ART TROPE to discover more.




Transcript :



Matthew, a photographer, and Rachel, a painter, aim to establish themselves in the Fine Arts market.


They become multi-taskers needing to create websites, find exhibitions, develop a network, set up and promote openings, manage their social networks…while trying to remain creative at the same time!


Faced with exhibition spaces that have limited resources to promote them internationally, and collectors who’ve become investors, Rachel and Matthew spend a lot of money exhibiting without any real long term results. But it’s their passion to create, so they keep hoping to show and sell in the Fine Arts market – to be able to make a living from their creations.


Virginie Tison has left her paintbrushes behind to create ART TROPE: Let Artists create! Its unique objective is to support artists globally at an affordable cost through international resources.


Offering services and a physical presence in the main cities of the Fine Arts market, ART TROPE increases exhibition opportunities and expands visibility for artists.


In this way, Rachel and Matthew can be present in London, Paris and New York while staying relaxed and focused on their creations wherever they are! They also get support and feedback to achieve their goals and to improve their artworks in the long term – step by step reassuring the collectors likely to invest in their artworks.


Join Rachel and Matthew in the ART TROPE community and step into the international Fine Arts market.