HyperCube , the Bearing Point big data solution to business issues.

In essence, HyperCube is an artificial intelligence tool , nothing less. Perhaps the technology the most complete data analysis in the world … In any case, in a digital environment where businesses brew massive amounts of data , this unique tool with multiple applications , helps provide formidable efficiency solutions to the business issues of companies. In this ( excellent ! :)) explanatory video it is its use on controls of fraud in the area of health which is emphasized. You can as well consult the website.





Transcript :



Pierre has to fight against fraud with limited resources.
Each inspection takes days, months and often his investigators fail to find anything!
So how can he better target his controls?
It’s a real puzzle.
Pierre has refined his targeting.
He is now catching the bigger fish but the more agile ones still slip through the net.
He would like to get at those too, by exploring thousands of unexploited data.
A pipe dream? No, HyperCube.
With the HyperCube data-science and advanced analytics team at BearingPoint, Pierre has found
an analysis system which carefully sorts thousands of operational data related to fraud,
in both the private and public sectors.
Our HyperCube algorithms seek out specific profiles to provide you with a high probability
of finding the right ones.
Starting from a relatively low incidence of fraud, say 0.5%, we can detect fraud profiles that are
over than a 100 times more concentrated, with a fraud probability of over 50%.
We can also target the most lucrative profiles.
Effectiveness and transparency go hand in hand!
As the reason for an inspection needs to be justified, these straightforward profiles provide good
arguments to support it.
As a result, the French Social Security service, which constantly has to deal with fraud, has
decided to use HyperCube.
Result? 70% of their inspections are successful (and therefore lucrative!)