Corporate financiers, do you have to Tweet ?

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Corporate Finance professionals: to tweet or not to tweet ?


You’re a corporate finance professional and you don’t tweet !
you think that 140 characters is only good for scoops?
Are you afraid of leaking out confidential information ?
Are you wary of an uncontrolled readership, which may not always be friendly ?
or – you just don’t tweet because you are not familiar with the tool


Of course, you need to be careful when you publish financial information,
especially if you work for a listed company


But, even so, why deprive yourself of a tool that is simple
and with a worldwide reach !


By using Twitter, you contribute to the debate in your areas of interest or expertise,
You can follow experts and amazing people
You multiply your sources of information on the topics you’re interested in,


So, let’s get started
Start by following profiles similar to yours,
Retweet what you are interested in
Add a word or a comment,
Give your opinion in your fields of expertise, whether they’re financial or


Always stay natural and well-intentioned
On Twitter, go beyond your image as a Corporate finance professional
show yourself under a different light by combining your professional skills and extra-professional interests


As a conclusion :
be careful about topics related to your company
but communicate about your fields of expertise
and share your passions
that’s the key to using Twitter in a useful and controlled way!