How to optimize your Linkedin profile with the help of HEC …

HEC Alumni is the network of 56,000 graduates from HEC Paris, 8,000 of whom live outside France.


If you want to be more present, precise and pro active on Linkedin, this video illustrated below explains it and gives you the keys to act effectively … You can also visit the HEC Alumni website or You will find more information.





Transcript :



Mark is a Finance Director
He is looking for a new job.
To stand out, he has to optimize his LinkedIn profile
because a recruiter only spends 6 seconds per profile,
In order to select 15 applicants
using 7 keywords.


Marks tailors his profile to fit the position he is targeting.
He writes his profile both in French and in English, and expands his lexical field – he uses both CFO and Finance Director
In the experience section, Mark fills in all the information that the recruiters expect, starting with a jargon-free job title,
his mission,
the size of the team he manages,
And the exhaustive list of the countries he covers.


In the summary section, Mark presents his value proposition and highlights his specific skills.
To ease contacts with recruiters, he displays his e-mail address in his summary.
Then he writes a headline below his name.
He publishes and comments articles to increase his visibility.
Mark targets 1,000 LinkedIn contacts, so he joins groups,
and extends his network as a result.


To get in touch with the right point of contact in his target company, he reaches out directly
Using the search function, he combines the right key words.


So follow Mark’s example: optimize the way you use LINKEDIN and increase your visibility!
At each stage, be present, be precise and be pro-active.