HyperCube of BearingPoint specializes itself in soils…

BearingPoint innovates and offers, thanks to HyperCube, deepen data and predict rare or complex events , this in the field of mineral exploration. It reveals the causes of various phenomena and allows to derive appropriate specific and quantified action plans.

The HyperCube is a unique and exceptional tool considered as the most effective artificial intelligence software , and is currently used in medical applications , nuclear safety , industrial processes , professional sports , financial analysis , intelligence , etc. This is one of the most innovative technologies .

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Transcript :

Simon, Chief Geologist, needs to explore hundreds of square kilometers in a very complex environment. Despite airborne radiometrics and sophisticated techniques, his last diggings did not provide results with enough accuracy.

Simon doesn’t know if he can launch new explorations in the mine.

Albert, the CFO, understands Simon’s dilemma.
If he fails, the company might lose tens of millions because of the soil’s poor quality or if they miss a big deposit.

Albert suggests using HyperCube, BearingPoint’s advanced analytics solution to explore the mine’s opportunities.
HyperCube reveals very granular insights and identifies weak signals from many origins: lithology, structural geology, geochemistry, mineralogy, radiometrics etc.

The CMIC is using it successfully on three ongoing footprint projects. (Canadian Mining Innovation Council)

It enables them to make huge savings on exploration budgets thanks to better precision in targeting and counter-intuitive revelations, as demonstrated in many projects.
The white box effect!

When it comes to investing and saving millions in exploration, the best decisions will always be the ones you are able to explain.

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