Kuraray introduces CLEARFIL ™ Universal Bond Quick,
the latest creation in dental adhesives.


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With 35 years of experience in the field of dental adhesives, Kuraray has developed a product that instantly delivers a perfect, aesthetic and durable result regardless of the protocol used by the dentist.


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Just like all his dental colleagues, James needs adhesives and he’s literally spoilt for choice. But how can he be sure to choose the best? Traditional adhesives require time, extensive rubbing, multiple layers.
And… as James knows, protocols are often complex and difficult to follow…


Kuraray, which boasts 35 years of experience in creating innovative dental products, recently launched its latest adhesive: CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick, a new universal adhesive.


No waiting time, no extensive rubbing, no second application – one layer is enough for an instant and reliable result. Kuraray’s famous MDP monomer, combined with a brand new fast penetration technology, offers an aesthetic thin film layer and long-lasting result.


Upon each application, an optimal result is guaranteed whatever the technique employed, with or without etching. James truly appreciates CLEARFIL Universal Bond Quick’s easy use, for it also eliminates the risk of error.


Not forgetting its excellent post-op comfort for patients, who experience no dental sensitivity!


Discover CLEARFIL™ Universal Bond Quick yourself. JUST APPLY AND PROCEED!