ManagementPlace by Manageris a stimulating approach to management

Manageris designed a digital solution that could help your managers; it comes ManagementPlace
It is a tool, an aid to action created to meet the needs of managers rushed and demanding ..
Indeed, leaders are under pressure, difficult to mobilize and this device is designed to make them want to test new approaches because it brings them immediately useful aid in response to their challenges.

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Transcript :



Philip, the head of HR at The Big Company, is proud of his new leadership model
More agile and innovative, the group is reinventing itself!
But Philip wonders…how to really change behaviors in the field?

Sophie, in charge of talent development in the start-up “The Firm” also wonders…
How to help her managers happily grow in their role and improve their skills?

Enrol all the teams in training?
Too long!
A coach for each manager?
Too expensive!
Philip and Sophie don’t despair …THE solution must exist…
It’s ManagementPlace, the digital solution by Manageris.
Excellent statistics, happy users… Convinced, they try it!

It’s simple and intuitive…
With a few clicks, everyone can find solutions and resources that meet the
challenges faced
Because at Manageris, we know that time is precious, and that every manager is

That’s how Philip wants his platform.
No problem!
He will customize it around the key themes and values of his leadership model!

Sophie will implement the ready-to- use version
Motivation, communication, cross-functionality…all the important themes are
A few clicks to brand it with the company’s logo and color scheme… an initial
trial…It’s a success!
Her managers love the factsheets and the calls for action.

Managers have many things to deal with.
ManagementPlace knows this, and sends them every 2 weeks a new stimulating
idea to explore…
So they can continuously develop!

Philip and Sophie are delighted,
So like them, why don’t you try the unique and innovative ManagementPlace