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logo manegereManegere supports you in your various projects and proposes a novel approach to make your collaborators actors and committed. And when they carry the project, success is assured! This video illustrated in white board will tell you more …






Transcript :



Thomas, GM of an industrial company, decided last year to purchase a service oriented company to bounce back to growth, thinking he would thus take advantage of potential business synergies .
So far, ever since the first transformation’s roadmaps were engaged, he and Sonia, his HR Director, have been struggling with all sorts of complications and ton of related delays to work through transformation.


Yet, in theory, everything seemed so perfect …the new tools were set, the IT system had been completely upgraded, the new processes elaborated and the workstation ergonomics fully redesigned.


Well why? Probably since, bottom line, they would not take into account one fundamental aspect of any transformation, namely the “Human” factor that can be either a driving force or a brake.


At MANEGERE we drive our clients through their whole transformation process, with our 6 steps approach to ensure their human capital strives for…then daily commit to their transformation.


1-      Generate or Regenerate your business model
2-      Define your new DNA and all aspects related of your new targeted ecosystem
3-      Elaborate your transformation strategy
4-      Take off and ignitiate transformation
5-      Navigate wisely
6-      Land softly !


Our experts intervene in all kind of businesses or company size, facilitating transformation at different levels as our references proudly show you.


Because our passion and our core business is the Human being, LET US HELP  YOU give life or expand to the next stage, your own business DNA !


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