For MANUTAN, customer satisfaction is essential.

To achieve this goal, once the order is placed, Manutan and its suppliers rely on the instantaneous nature of computer communication to ensure fast and efficient flows that meet their commitments.
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Transcript :



Armand wants to equip
his new offices with new furniture
He finds what suits him best on Manutan website
and orders.

In the Background,
the order mechanism
switches on automatically.
A purchase order is immediately sent to the supplier in Lyon
and at the same time an email of confirmation is sent to Armand.

At the supplier, Camille only has to verify the order preparation.
The products are is ready. The truck loading can be done.

On Manutan website, Armand can follow
the order progress in real time.
To achieve this perfect customer experience,
We must promise realistic delivery times and respect our

With the help of a computer connection allowing the supplier, in real time,
to inform Manutan of the products availability.
a computer connection of order transmission between Manutan and the supplier,

including the transport part
either by transport carried out by the supplier,
or carried out by Manutan.

Last, in case of “return of goods”,
Manutan handles the cycle from A to Z,
since the taking back of the goods at the customer
till reshipment to the supplier after checking.

This expected customer experience requires a modernization of our digital tools,
and a strong partnership,
all respecting the commitments
made to customers.

Let’s strive for full customer satisfaction in the follow-up of delivery promise but also in the order follow-up.