Microsoft Grail , a kind of collaborative yoga …

How to optimize communication, coordination and collaboration means which are already effective? how to become more efficient and increase its competitiveness while preserving its security requirements and at lower cost ? And what does this term “collaborative yoga” mean? Everything is explained in this illustrated video that reveals the secrets of the Holy Grail that Microsoft has implemented …
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Transcript :


Making the most of collective intelligence has always been the holy-grail for businesses.
And for a long time it was easy! It was just a case of optimising your methods of communication…
… and collaboration.

These days everything happens so much faster!
And everything is so complicated!
Everyone has a host of tools to hand.
But choosing the right tool at the right time is not so easy.

Your associates concentrate on what they are used to, which seems to work the best for them.
Your business, like its competitors, wants to combine all of its skills to improve its competitiveness.
Your IT resources regularly need safely integrate new operations, often with a reduced budget.
So how do you find the Holy Grail?

By circulating everyone’s energy in 2 complementary gestures, like a kind of collaborative YOGA!

From top to bottom :
survey the business stakes,
define productivity scenarios,
confirm their economic relevance, technical feasibility and security conditions
ensure they are adopted

From bottom to top :
identify the field operations which work
prioritise them and identify the various relay points for their collective construction and promotion

So, you too can be zen, let your energy flow
within the framework of your security prerogatives.
Change your habits,
And Improve your effectiveness